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This weekend . . .

. . . so far has been wonderful! At first, Pavel and I were going to go camping up at Mt. Charleston, but it turned out that it was going to be cold and rainy. This, normally would not deter us, but I don't have real hiking boots yet and my running shoes would not do well in wet climate. We also wanted to go up there when it would be nice for a BBQ. Oh well, maybe next time.

ANYWAY, because we didn't go camping, we ended up going out to China Town. The China Town in Las Vegas is pretty laughable, but it's still the closest thing we are going to get at so close a distance, so it was a lot of fun. We ended up getting a 100 bag box of Green Tea, and a small box of Jasmine Green.

Oh! And before that, we stopped off at Ronald's Donuts to get some for the next morning :-P

Afterwards, we swung by the local British grocery store just to see if they had some good English Breakfast tea or some Earl Gray. Nah-uh. We went from China Town, that had a huge box of tea for $2 to the British place that had a small box of Earl Gray for $9. Needless to say, we left.

Having so much fun out, we tried out the new mall on the strip, Town Center. None of the stores were our thing: Hollister, Bebe, Ambercrombie & Fitch, etc. We couldn't even make ourselves step into the stores, BUT they had an AWESOME Borders where we spend most of our time. The mall is very pretty, don't get me wrong, but the stores are just too trendy for us.

Now, the Apple store was another one that we found a hard time leaving. Pavel and I have never really wanted iPhones before, but we left the place jaded because every other cell phone we encountered looked paltry in comparison. I think they converted us. Now if only we had the cash, LOL.

Fry's was just down the street from the mall, so buzzing off of the Apple store, we meandered down the parking lot and stopped in.

I'm really turning into a tech nut because we almost left with an HD TV. Thankfully we decided to think about it and eat lunch first. Our debate: should we get a lap top like we planned, or an HD TV? One will save energy since we'd be getting rid of our land computer, the other would save energy, but then cost us in the long run because we'd then have to subscribe to the actual HD channels for it to really mean anything. We ended up sticking to our original laptop plans.

After much searching around the rest of the day for the actual laptop we wanted (this, was a few more hours AFTER Fry's) we now have the laptop on which I am typing.

Sweet. We NEVER buy anything really snazzy and big for ourselves so needless to say, I was EXCITED! I've always wanted a laptop, but was never able to have one. I feel so accomplished :-D Now we can donate our land computer, save energy, and save space in the house. Nothing looks better then a place without a big, honking piece of electronic sitting in the room.

Today has been more low key but no less wonderful. We woke up, had some Earl Grey and donuts, watched Groundhog Day and went to the park with Sheila Roo. The rest is evidence of our little adventure. Have a wonderful day! Ok so, apparently the internet is acting up with me THEREFORE I'll post the video and some pictures later. Until then, you are safe from my horrible, no make-up, messy haired mug :-P


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May. 26th, 2008 12:16 am (UTC)
what kind of laptop did ya get? :-)
May. 26th, 2008 02:44 am (UTC)
A Toshiba. The thing runs better and has more memory then our regular computer. Its funny how technology changes so rapidly :-P It only cost us $615 too, and we got a cordless mouse to go with it :-D
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