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Starbucks Coffee

I am reminded yet again, that Starbucks really doesn't make good coffee. I remember the day after Starbucks closed it's doors for that one day marketing meeting, they were advertising the fact that they were coming out with a new blend. This blend, Pike Place, was supposed to be the good stuff. The staple that everyone wanted back in the day of the first stores opening.

Well, I'm drinking it now and its really just, mediocre. It's too acidic, as usual, and brewed waaaay too long. I avoided the soymilk and put in my own little helping of rice milk along with two sugar in the raw packets. When I tasted it, I bit the bullet and added a third sugar. I needed the sweetness to cut the strength of the coffee.

Don't get me wrong. I like my coffee like I like my men, strong and dark (do they make a Pavel roast?), I can shoot back espresso shots like a spring breaker does tequila, but that doesn't help when the coffee just isn't that good to begin with.

One of the best coffee's I had was one I just picked up one day at Sunflower Market because it was cheap. I haven't had the pleasure of a cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee, so I have yet to find out if the legend is true on that account.

There is one thing I can definitely count on though, as I drink this this morning: I will be zooming around the office, high on caffeine in about 0.2 seconds.

Well, at least its better then the lime-buildup roast the office sevrves . .

See myu typiiidng is alrweady succeumbed to thwe caffeinwe fairies . . .


Major sweet tooth . . .

Ugh, I don't know what it is lately but I've been having an amazing, uncontrolable sweet tooth. This either has to do with:

a. hormones or,
b. slight case of depression

I am assuming depression because I have been a little bored and down in the doldrums lately. I ALSO believe it could be hormones because I stopped taking my spironolactone pill for acne which regulates my hormones in order to clear my face.

In my mind, spironolactone probably helps both my face AND my depression. I don't know for sure.

All I know is, I want sweets! I've been baking any sort of cookie I can throw together at home, cupcakes and chowing down on vegan candy.

Fruit? You got it. Especially dates because they are so sugary.

Peanutbutter? Mmmmm.

Anyway. Maybe I'm bored because now I don't have a project to work on. The last few weeks I was redoing the illustrations for the childrens book my mom and I are getting published. I had no idea my Mom even sent the pubisher drawings a did YEARS ago, but she did and they liked them (I don't, lol. I honestly think they are awful. My Mom and the publisher like them though, so I cleaned them up and let them go).

So now I have no project to do. Actually I do, now that I think about it. A friend wants a portrait done. Portraits scare me though because I want to get them as perfect as I can :-P It's a lot of pressure to make a portrait, especially when that person has to look at it and go: "So Thats what you think I look like?"

Oh well, there ya go. Anybody have a cure for sugarholism?

Edit: this post has gotten me thinking about my artwork. It varies depending on how into it I am. Most of my stuff lately has been, for lack of a better term, shit. No feeling. No thought. Just mindless flat drawings of fantasy creatures I liked way back when. I don't know what happened to by inspiration but it left as soon as I graduated high school seven years ago.

WTF?! I graduated high school SEVEN years ago?! Ack!

Anyway, i remember doing a portrait of Aleister Crowley a few years ago I was really happy with, and I think that was the last thing I really did well. Something is gone and I don't know how to get it back. *sigh* maybe one day.

Bike riding

Why is it everytime I mention riding my bike anywhere people flip out? I'd like to get to the point in my lifestyle where I can actually ride my bike to work. It's not really far away, but it's not THAT close either.

However, call me a romantic, but I'd love to be able to ride my bike everywhere. People do it all of the time in other states, countries, etc. Why can't I?

So, I asked this guy at work if there was a place where we can actually lock up a bicycle while we are at work. He came back in today to tell me he is looking into it -- thats when all of the coworkers + this guy freaked out a little saying things like: "It's so hot!" "That's far!" "Are you a workout freak?!" "There are no good bike trails!"


Just get me my information ok?! I was just curious. Why do I have to be a workout freak to want to ride my bike into work?!

Not to mention I don't have the strength to do that in my legs yet, but it's a nice idea! My ex-coworker Syndey's husband was from Holland, and when he moved here he refused to drive and rode his bike everywhere! He did fine!

I'll wear a helmet . . . sheesh.

Also, if I WAS going to ride my bike to work, I was planning on mapping out the safest route to get there. :-P

PS -- I just googled it. It's six miles from here to work. That doesn't sound bad, right?!

Breast feeding until 8 years old . . .

I think it's pretty interesting how a lot of the people who commented on this video are discussing how gross this is, yet they continue to drink/eat the milk of a completely different species until old age.

Would *I* breast feed children until they were eight? No. Do I have a problem with this woman doing it? No. It's human and it's natural. People don't realize how brainwashed they are. (I'll admit MY first instinct is to go: ugh?! Wtf?!)

A Vegan Rant

I rarely ever do this, so for those who think veganism is a waste of time, look away now. This is a vent, and I do not wish to argue about it. I've placed it neatly under a cut, especially because I use a fair amount of emotionally induced expletives. I consider myself a nice person. I will never get into anyones face over what they believe or feel is right. I do not force veganism on anybody because it is something that needs to come from the individual themselves. I try my hardest to be respectful to people and to hopefully have that same respect given to me. So with that, please, take this as me emotionally venting. It's my journal, and the only place I can really use to talk about these sorts of things.

Not for the weak . . .Collapse )
What three dishes could you live on for the rest of your life?

1. Potato and kale enchilada's
2. Cinnamon rolls
3. vegan nachos

Ugh, basically anything vegan-mexican.

Working out at work :-P

So far this plan is working wonderfully. I don't do yoga everyday, but I do walk briskly for 20 minutes every lunch and walk up and down the stairs twice. One day my goal is to be able to do the whole 15 flights without stopping.

My only problem is I work up a sweat! I hope I don't end up being the one that makes the whole accounting department smell like a gym :-P

I am itching to do another round of stairs after completing my two for the day. I blame that on my iced coffee (although I haven't even finished half of it and I've had the thing for four hours). I think I'll reserve the stairs for about 3:30 this afternoon when I am bored from being at my desk too long.

*big sigh* I feel good right now :-D

It would be a "mistake" to vote McCain

Hillary explains that it would be a mistake for her supporters to vote for McCain if/when she falls out of the race.


One thing I must add when talking politics: vote for the platforms you believe in . . . NOT the person. People change and sell themselves. They sell platforms too, but in the end, it's the platforms that you are voting for! What else do we have left if not for them? A president needs to be able to do whats right for the country -- we are NOT voting for their ability to keep a "respectable" private life. Charisma IS important to a degree, a president needs to be able to carry on well thought out, engaging conversations with much of the worlds important people. Just remember, when they show up on Letterman, they are doing it to make the LOOK good - to make them SEEM to be just like you or me. You know what? They ARE like you or me. They are HUMAN. Except some bad with the good and vise versa and don't vote for a person because they seemed to have a sense of humor on a talk show. It's a ploy. But I don't blame them for that. I would do the same.

In the end. Make your own, individual decisions, but really think about them. Take your time and vote for what you believe in.

Pavel IS a Super hero!

Ok, so, he didn't do anything particularly super hero-ish today, but I was slipping into one of my office-induced catatonic trances when I made this lovely discovery:

Pavel (Pah-velle) sounds an awful lot like Kal-El.

Combine that with the fact that everyone seems to think he looks like Brandon Routh/Clark Kent AND that he is in class to be an EMT (including having two jobs and interning, etc. etc.) -- I really think Pavel is Superman!

SO, if you are a bald ego-maniac with a bizaar sense of humor, just remember I used to be on Zoloft and nine times out of ten don't know what the hell I am talking about.

My super hero power

If I was going to be a super hero and have any power I wanted, I think it would be the ability to turn into an animal -- well, a NON-HUMAN animal. Having given this some thought, I have come to the conclusion that I want to turn into ONE animal, not many. I like the idea of having one animal counterpart, not several. It seems like it would just be too overwhelming otherwise. I haven't quite decided which animal I'd like that to be, though.

Since I am in the middle of reading Night Watch, I debated what it would be like to be able to turn into an owl. Pretty cool, methinks - but then I wouldn't be able to move my eyes at all, just my head, and that might be slightly annoying.

I could be a Tiger or a Bear, but then I wouldn't be able to fly, or hide out in small spaces.

A fly on the wall would be rather interesting, but they seem to be easily distracted.

Hell, maybe I WOULD like to have the ability to morph into ANY animal.

Yeah . . . I think so.

Or what about the ability to change into ANYTHING, ala Mystique?! Should inanimate objects count? Trees?

Hmm . . . maybe I'll just stick to animals.

Although I always wanted to know what it's like to be a tree.

I already know what it's like to be a Bush. (har har har)

What would you want your super power to be?